Fairs. Events.

Everything for your appearance

Are you planning a trade fair or an interactive event? Are you looking for a concept that makes the difference? From us you get the three crucial ingredients: Know-how, experience and passion.

0205 Playstation Paris2017 1529 HighRes entw

Sony Interactive

Paris games week 2017 – greatness awaits

MB IAA2019 Stand – 048

Mercedes-Benz at the IAA 2019

SONY IFA16 0012ret Kopie entw

Sony at the IFA


Samsung – P3080769

Curtain up! We set the stage.

Setting the scene - we think there's more to it than just lighting, sound and media technology. For example, a sure sense of how it all fits together.

Together, we develop a story, a "language" from your wishes and specifications. Then we put your product and your message in the center of attention. The TLD team that accompanies you in this process is selected from our pool of experts. Committed and communicative, with the right know-how in terms of consulting, design and planning.

Kaldewei ISH19 Animation

Our profile, your profit

Do you want to further increase interest in your brand, in your products? Appeal to your customers in a fascinating way, offer something new?

20 years of worldwide activity

Whichever path you choose, with us you can build on more than two decades of specialized experience. We have gathered this experience in dedicated work for customers all over the world, in a wide variety of demanding tasks. A strong profile that shapes our team today.

Ways and goals

You can achieve this either by making proven formats such as trade fair presentations and customer events even more exciting, more interactive, more inspiring. Or you decide to open up new media and digital channels for streaming, broadcasting, networking and collaboration - especially with a view to optimal presence and communication in social media.

BMW Markenfestival 04

Anlässlich des 100-jährigen Jubiläums der BMW Group wurde im September 2016 das BMW Festival im Münchner Olympiapark veranstaltet. Dabei waren wir für die Gesamtabwicklung der technischen Generalplanung und Leitung verantwortlich und durften auf einer der größten Bühnen Europas eine Jubiläumsshow der Superlative inszenieren.

Fotograf: BMW

Our Pool of Experts

TLD's experts are familiar with the latest technologies and developments. We know the trends, the standards and limits.

Above all, we work together as a pool. From this pool, we form an individually suitable team for each project. This way, you always have the right know-how at your side and can draw from the full range of services. In all phases:

  • Idea and consulting
  • Conception and design
  • Technical planning (and a little more ...)
  • Tendering
  • Realization

Technique: The big picture

The classic trade fair also attracts an audience. But when extended digitally, trade shows and events gain a new level: They radiate as an event, their reach multiplies.

That's why we work with our customers to expand existing trade show and event concepts with digital offerings.

MB IAA2019 Stand – 007

Giving impetus, setting goals

Multimedia elements have been in use for some time, for example in presentations. But we like to break new ground. Because at TLD, we believe in consistently expanding what is possible - all the way to a networked, interactive event that is free of spatial restrictions.

We are your partner for networking on a large scale. For complex events. With a lighting design and specials that offer far more than just streaming - for example, a three-dimensional screen.

In other words, with the right media, you innovatively enhance the brand experience - and you reach new target groups at the same time. Score points with a new approach!

Sony Playstation Paris 2017 – 1209

The hybrid event

Add a digital dimension to the classic event (trade show, press conference, talk, congress, annual general meeting ...). Invite all interested parties to participate interactively in the event online as well.

Think ahead: options ...

Because hybrid events reach a larger audience, you can generate attention in social media, you can stage events at several company locations at the same time.

... with which you score points

The additional opportunity: if you extend your activities into the digital space, you can visibly ensure greater sustainability. Companies with properly networked sites need fewer business trips. Microsites allow personalized information to be provided to trade show visitors; printed flyers and brochures are becoming increasingly dispensable.

Strong bridge: You with us

Powerful, sophisticated, inspiring technology is undoubtedly a central factor. But no less important for us is the quality of the collaboration - it is the focus of every project right from the start.

You have our word

It is our concern to talk to you in detail and openly: We advise you transparently, comprehensibly - and independently of manufacturers. In every phase of your project, you can rely on TLD as an attentive, service-oriented and constructive partner. We stand reliably by your side!

Planning reliability

Our teams are used to globally networked structures: You can rely on smooth processes, regardless of the composition.

IT security

Data transfer and the use of various platforms are part of everyday life at TLD: Data security and corresponding requirements are always part of the concept.

Internationally well positioned

We have been working closely networked worldwide for a long time. Since our official foundation in 2002, we have been active in China and the USA.

Today, we can work for you anytime and anywhere: in North and South America, India, Asia or Africa as well as in Europe - including a trained workflow between the respective teams. With us you are "closer". You get ...

... the best recommendations

We use international bidder lists and local sourcing. We build on well-established cooperation with regional service providers. We obtain offers tailored to your needs. You get qualified recommendations that take all factors into account.

... the reliable overview

We conduct tenders in German and English, including cost tracking and currency invoicing. We ensure reliable costing, including taxation and conversion rates. We know the current price structure and can react quickly to changing requirements.

... reliable execution

We coordinate all trades with international suppliers. With regard to country-specific customs, we have a lot of experience and also see ourselves as "mentality interpreters".

What counts for your customers

What special advantages does TLD offer you? What does your customer gain from us? The shortest answer is: the best possible result, regardless of size. Added value you can rely on.

As a matter of principle, we make sure to combine the latest technologies with proven applications in an ideal way. We are often able to leverage synergy effects from our experience in trade fairs and events, media integration and mediatecture.

Reliable effect

Added to this is our aesthetic flair for brand-appropriate staging. We know exactly which event setting fascinates which target group.

This is how we find the best solution, regardless of the size of the company: perfect for the specific purpose, perfect for the respective budget.


With a lot of expertise and fresh ideas we make your appearance, your event something special: Strong concept, carefully selected technology, a perfect interaction.

We cover the entire spectrum from your task definition to the precise, efficient implementation with the desired accents. We draw on a wealth of experience gained at many relevant trade fairs and events for small and large customers worldwide.

And yet the path is always new - because our claim is to offer you optimal, individual, personalized services. For us, a design-oriented approach means exactly this: working towards something, finding the solution to a task. We are there for you!

Our workflow: step by step

No project is like the other. That's why our workflow is not a rigid framework, but one in which we respond flexibly to our customers' wishes.

To fill this framework prudently and creatively until everything fits: That is our motivation. This is also the attraction for us with every new customer, with every new project. We look forward to meeting you!

The four phases

Four phases represent the entire process: from the first creative ideas, through conception and planning, to successful project completion.


In close dialog with our customers, we outline the basic prerequisites and requirements for the planned trade fair or event project. We show current technical and design possibilities and draw on the know-how and, above all, the creative diversity of our pool of experts. We are your completely supplier-independent partner. Right from the start, you benefit from our broad market overview of current technical developments and receive valuable impulses for the realization of your goals.


From the jointly developed idea and the overriding objective, we develop a binding concept, also in direct contact with our customers. In other words, a solid foundation for the subsequent planning. Here, it is a matter of finding solutions that ensure your brand presence receives optimum attention. We check the technical feasibility in advance and back up the concept with corresponding budget estimates.


Idea generation and conceptual consolidation are directly followed by concrete planning. In this third phase, all conceptual, creative, technical and budget-specific aspects come together.

Based on the defined project requirements, we take care of scheduling and qualified suppliers. We create bid and tender data and conduct requests for proposals. We provide you with a detailed evaluation based on the neutral and objective assessment of all suppliers.
As an independent consultant, we then provide you with concrete award recommendations. This creates the best conditions for the optimal allocation and assignment of the trades.


We also support you with our know-how in driving project development forward. We coordinate the suppliers and subcontractors involved in order to make perfect use of available time windows. All this under permanent monitoring of the budget.

During the "hot phase" of construction, we are directly on site as technical managers and coordinate the trades. We control the entire project, keep a close eye on your goals and, if you wish, remain at your side as technical support during your event. At the same time, we document the project, take care of the follow-up work including controlling - and are there for you during the advisory meeting at the end of the project.

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