Our Pool of Experts

Experienced, dedicated specialists. Know-how from all areas of expertise: We provide you with a hand-picked team for your project. You can rely on up-to-date technical knowledge, on unwavering curiosity with more than 20 years of consulting experience. And on aesthetic creativity - because for us, a solution is more than the sum of its answers. Give us a call. We look forward to getting to know you!

The TLD Pool of Experts currently includes more than 40 expert planners in a wide range of special fields. Together they make themselves strong and coordinate on short ways so that your project becomes a success story - with all services that belong to it.

Goldner Bofinger Anita
Held Lukas
Brauns Jochen
Lappe Steiner Kai
Blanco Julissa Ormeno
Langridge Tom
Voss Julian
Orkisch Alexander
Agena Dominikus
Brueck Bisera
Koehler Martina
Hoffmann Lutz
Will Carsten
Riesch Martin
Becker Micha
Profe Richard
Sett Tobias
Decker Benedikt
Kaubisch Philip
Jell Bastian
Steckel Alexander
Kroenung Benedikt
Kugler Daniel

We, the TLD

With passion in the veins and the head full of ideas saw the light of day. Grown up in long nights between loud inspiration and colorful diversity.
Caught fire - enthusiasm ignited. Focused on moving emotions. The greed for goose bumps never satisfied. Characterized by competence and experience, further perfecting the art of spatial staging.

A reliable partner from the very beginning, growing into a large, successful family. Throughout all this, we have never forgotten how to laugh, we have constantly evolved, and yet we have always remained true to ourselves. That's who we are - that's who we have always been. Creative and innovative, knowledgeable and curious, idealists and perfectionists, designers and service providers, free spirits and friends, planners and partners.

For over 20 years we have simply called it TLD.

Stuttgart ∙ München ∙ Düsseldorf ∙ Los Angeles