Bosch Siemens Home Appliances (BSH) at IFA 2022

TLD plans high-profile premium brand launch

Different by nature – and yet under one roof: Bosch and Siemens jointly presented cutting-edge household appliance technology at IFA 2022. TLD was able to score triple points in the planning of the double appearance, because our service areas were made for the complex requirements. That's why we were particularly pleased to be on board again for this showcase project as a long-standing partner with Büro SCHMIDHUBER and the Black Space agency.

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Squaring the circle: The two premium brands Siemens and Bosch have a strong, independent and equally established profile. At the IFA, they were to stand side by side under the joint label BSH Hausgeräte, while remaining recognizable in their identity. To achieve this effect, two worlds had to be built up in terms of architecture and design.

Smart home, smart hall

The complexity and size of the planned presentation, for which an entire exhibition hall was exclusively available, posed no small challenge. Accordingly, a great deal of material was simply required. Above all, however, the task was to breathe life into each themed area - while not interfering with the neighbors. "Our biggest challenge was to atmospherically separate the different exhibition areas and yet relate them to each other in such a way that they even complemented each other," says TLD project manager Domi Agena, who has been supporting BSH since 2012.

Our services

TLD's three main service areas formed the perfect "toolbox" for realizing a BSH appearance that was a perfect fit:

  • Lighting design and lighting planning
  • AV media planning
  • Digitale Services

This bundled know-how also proved to be indispensable, because the design, organizational and technical requirements were extraordinary.


So TLD was proud to play to its strengths on this project - especially its experience in assembling project teams from our pool of experts. This meant that the right skills came together right from the start to tackle what no out-of-the-box solutions existed for. And the inexhaustible fascination for light and color was of course, as so often, a driving force at work!

Approach and Procedure

In concrete terms, this was achieved as follows: Our lighting design strengthened the two worlds of Bosch and Siemens, accentuated their differences, and at the same time created a suitable tonality for their connection.

Coherent intensities and color temperatures for both brands - across both brands - formed the basis of the lighting concept. Building on this, the TLD lighting designers created emotional islands that unfolded their own rhythm in the expansive exhibition space. Thus, the "Coffee nuances" were accompanied by a visual icing on the cake, and invisible smart technology could be experienced in passing!

Coffee, baking app and croissant

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The Urban Life Park / Siemens presented itself with product-related lounge areas such as the café bar, which invited visitors to linger and feel good. And to discover! This combination of "Quiet Zone" and presentation was technically and creatively supported with light according to the specific requirements. One example: Artificial daylight for the green areas created the impression that visitors were out in nature.

What then looked like a unified whole at the trade show was the result of elaborate preparation. "Our lighting and media planning developed in a process over nine months," sums up Domi Agena.

Heavy tasks

Bringing in the necessary technology presented the next major challenge. TLD planned and calculated the necessary statics for the entire hall, which was exclusively available for BSH. Seven employees from our Pool of Experts worked in parallel on a wide variety of topics. Thus, in close exchange with all participants, a trade fair stand was created as a 3D model, elaborated down to the smallest detail. This 3D tool enabled TLD to precisely coordinate all interfaces between the trades and avoid collisions on the construction site.

Just a quick look at the material shows how important this was: Almost 50 tons of technical equipment. 700 suspension points. Almost 1,200 luminaires and 100 loudspeakers - positioned and deployed on no less than 2,000 m of trusses.

Of course, the TLD team also designed the lighting for the back office, meeting rooms and interview rooms in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations.

Closely connected: Devices and people

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Unsurprisingly, a central theme of the presentations was the networking of all devices and products. After all, smart home is becoming more and more prevalent among household appliances and, with Home Connect, has long since had its own brand. The multitude of different departments, implementing companies and, last but not least, different WLANs and networks required intensive coordination on site. This is also a claim of TLD: We successfully network people and machines!

Spot on: The shows in the show

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One of the highlights caused a particular stir in the exhibition hall - and a lot of special work behind the scenes: a performance by the Fantastischen Vier. The well-known hip-hoppers from Stuttgart gave a big concert and attracted a large audience. For this occasion, the trade fair stand was transformed into a stage, equipped with powerful sound reinforcement, the right microphones, show lighting and cameras including a broadcast on LED screens - all prepared and managed on site by the TLD crew.

"Like a Bosch"

Beyond the performance, however, this stage also had to be suitable for talk shows and press conferences. This required flexible technical planning, in line with the different requirements of concert sound reinforcement and speech reinforcement. Daily cooking shows - in keeping with the overarching theme - rounded off the program of the impressive, dual brand presence.

It remains to say: We at TLD would like to thank you for your trust - and for the great cooperation with the entire planning team!


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