Rolf Benz World

Showroom in Nagold

Consulting and conception for the renewal of the existing accent and exhibition lighting for the object Rolf Benz Welt Nagold showroom. Implementation planning and installation of the lighting on site including documentation.

Rolf Benz Showroom Nagold 2022-05
Rolf Benz Showroom Nagold 2022-03

Consulting and conception

Rolf Benz Showroom Nagold 2022-01

© Alex Orkisch

Participation in sampling appointments for lighting systems and advice on procurement, taking into account energy and commercial inventory conditions. Examination of product proposals for the replacement of existing luminaires in the context of an energetic refurbishment. Evaluation of physical parameters in comparison to existing lighting. Explanation of the test results in detail.

Implementation planning

Rolf Benz Showroom Nagold 2022-02

© Alex Orkisch

Import of as-built plans for drawing representation in 2D of the lighting system to be renewed, taking into account the electrical planning. Creation of a set of plans and determination of quantities as a basis for submitting the application for energy saving funding. Compilation of necessary trade-specific requirements, e.g. in the form of circuit designations or control protocol addresses, and their preparation in planning and tabular form.

Object support and implementation

Rolf Benz Showroom Nagold 2022-04

© Alex Orkisch

Handover talks with executing companies, determination of lighting scenes and checking of execution. Installation, labeling and setting up of the track spotlights, taking into account the aesthetic architectural framework and staging requirements. Logging of the implementation.